Print Anywhere For Your Device

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Ways to Print
  • Attach up to 10 documents to an email and send it to
  • Must be sent from your email address
  • Documents must be 25MB or less in size
  • Documents may take a few minutes to process; you will receive an email when they are ready for release.
  • Only specific file types are allowed (see full list on this page)
  • If the body/text of your email is longer than 200 characters, it will also be converted into a job that you can print alongside your attached documents
  • Available from off-campus
Online (Print Center website)
  • Go online to the Print Center website at
  • Login with your CNU ID number and password
  • Upload your documents
  • Available from off-campus
Smart Device
  • Install the free Pharos Print app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store (see full instructions)
  • Upload documents from your device
  • Manage your queued jobs (change color settings and double-sided options for some jobs, delete unwanted jobs)
  • Scan QR codes on the copiers to release your jobs without touching the copier or needing your CNU ID card
  • Uploaded documents must be 25MB or less in size
  • Only specific file types are allowed (see full list on this page)
  • Available from off-campus
  • Install the free Pharos Chrome Print extension from the Chrome Web Store (see full instructions)
  • Must be logged in with your email address
  • Print your documents like you would with a normal printer
  • Only available while on-campus
  • Full clients are available for Windows and macOS
  • Instructions are available for Linux
  • Public lab computers are available
  • Can print any file type
  • Only available while on-campus
Having Trouble?

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If you're having trouble and are receiving a specific error message with the Print Anywhere client, check the Troubleshooting article.

Acceptable File Types for Email Submissions & Web/App Uploads

When submitting a document via email, the Print Center website, or the Pharos Print app, your document must be one of the following file types.  For any other file types, you will need to submit your job via a computer.

Document TypeAllowed File Extensions
Microsoft Word.doc .dot .docx .rtf
Microsoft Excel.xls .xlt .xlsx .xltx .xltm .xlsm .csv
Microsoft PowerPoint.ppt .pptx .pptm .pot .pps .potx .ppsx
Microsoft Visio.vsd .vss .vst .vdx .vsx .vtx .vdw .vsdx .vstx .vssx .vsdm .vssm .vstm
Open Office.odt .ods .odp
Images.jpg .jpeg .png .bmp .gif .tif .tiff
Text Files.txt .mht .eml .ini .cfg
Print Funds
  • Students receive $20 in Print Funds at the beginning of each semester.

  • Summer students receive $5 per class. These funds remain valid only during the term period of that specific class.

  • Print Funds will be added before the end of business on the first day of classes.
  • The last day to use Print Funds is the last day of exams each semester.
Job TypeCost
Black & White
  • Single-sided: $0.10 per page
  • Double-sided: $0.075 per page ($0.15 per sheet)
Color Print/Copy
  • Single-sided: $0.25 per page
  • Double-sided: $0.175 per page ($0.35 per sheet)
  • All jobs: $0.10 per job
  • A new job is processed each time you press the “Start” button on the copier

If you run out of Print Funds, you can also use Captains Cash for printing.

Print Anywhere Locations

Each of the following locations has a color multi-function device that you can use for printing, copying, and scanning to email.

Trible Library
  • 24/7 Lab (Room 171)
  • Rotunda
  • Media Center (Room 2341A)
David Student Union
  • 2nd floor, by the Harrison Room
Forbes Hall
  • Room 2058
McMurran Hall
  • Room 214
If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079