To use Linux with CNU’s Print Anywhere system, you will need to have the CUPS package installed.  This package comes preinstalled on most Linux distributions.  If you are not able to load the website in Step 1, you may need to install it manually.  These instructions were specifically tested with Ubuntu 20, but should remain the same or be similar in other distributions.

Open your internet browser and type the following into the address bar, http://localhost:631.

Click on the “Administration” menu at the top of the screen.

Click on “Add Printer”. You may be prompted to enter your administrative credentials.

Under “Other Network Printers”, select the option for “LPD/LPR Host or Printer” and click Continue.

In the “Connection” box, type the following, without quotes, and click Continue.

  • lpd://{{CNU_ID}}
  • Replace “{{CNU_ID}}” with your CNU ID number.

Enter a name for the printer. This should match the queue name (e.g. “CNU_PrintAnywhere_Color”).  The Description and Location fields are optional.  Click Continue.

On the “Add Printer” screen, choose to provide a PPD file to identify the printer, and click “Add Printer”.

Screenshot of driver download page
  • For the PrintAnywhere queue, you can download the PPD file from:
  • At the time of writing, the correct PPD file can be found by extracting the downloaded zip file from Konica Minolta. It will be in the extracted “Linux/CUPS1.2/EN” folder and is named “KOC750iUX.ppd”.

On the “Set Default Options” screen, change the printer model to “C65oi”. All other options can be left at their default values.  Click the “Set Default Options” button to finish adding the printer.

You may now print to the CNU Print Anywhere system any time that you are connected to CNU’s wireless network.  When you print a document to the printer that you added above, you will NOT be prompted to enter your CNU ID number.  Because of this, you must enter your exact CNU ID number in Step #5.

Unless you specifically set the color mode on your print job to be in “Black and White” or “Color”, your document will print out exactly as seen on your screen and you will be charged accordingly, regardless of which print queue that you sent your print job to.


  • There is no Linux client to remove; only the built-in CUPS packages are used.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079