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If you are having issues completing your daily required symptom screening via CampusClear please follow the following steps:

Trouble registering

Device: Phone, Computer

If you are not getting past the registration portion of the CampusClear app

  1. Ensure you are using the correct email address
    1. Only email accounts are allowed to register for CampusClear
    2. Spelling your email address correctly is critical!
  2. Check your inbox for the confirmation email
    1. The email will come from
    2. The email subject will be "CampusClear: Email Confirmation"
  3. Click the button in the email

Having to re-register every day

Device: Computer

There are two causes of this:

  1. Cookies
  2. User logging out

Resolution 1: Cookies

Using CampusClear via your web browser relies upon cookies to remember your enrollment.

If you have to register each day, confirm that your browser is accepting cookies and not deleting them each time the browser is quit.

Resolution 2: User logging out

If CampusClear is being used on a shared computer, you should log out, but this will require "re-registration" each day on the shared computer.

If CampusClear is being used on a personal (non-shared) computer, you should not be required to log out. Just closing the browser window or tab will keep you logged in, and not require "re-registration".

Stuck at the "Loading" screen

Device: Phone

If your CampusClear app is stuck at the loading screen please try the following:

  1. Force quit the app
    1. iOS -
    2. Android -
  2. Attempt to complete your symptom screening

Force quitting the app does not resolve the "Loading" screen issue

Device: Phone

  1. Reboot your device
  2. Attempt to complete your symptom screening

Force quitting the app, and rebooting your phone hasn't resolved the "Loading" screen issue

Device: Phone

If force quitting the app and rebooting do not resolve the "Loading" screen issue, delete the app from your phone. You will need to reinstall the app and re-authenticate/confirm your participation.

Re-authentication will ensure that your responses are recorded with your previous responses.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079
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