The buttons on the sides of the phone can either serve as a speed dial or to control putting calls on hold and taking them off. Because of this you SHOULD NOT program the top two buttons on the right side.  If you do, you will be unable to easily take people off hold.  If you often have multiple people on hold, you may want to leave more buttons open.

To program a speed dial button:

Press |Options|

Mitel Phone Options Button

Enter your voicemail password and press |OK|

Use the arrow keys to scroll to Program Buttons and press |Edit|

Mitel Phone Program Buttons

Press the button that you’d like to program. DO NOT program the top-right two buttons, or you’ll be unable to easily take people off hold.

Mitel Phone Buttons DO NOT PROGRAM

You’ll be given a choice between Call Appearance and Dial Number:

  • Call appearance is the “line” icons that allow you to put people on hold or take another call

  • Dial number is the “speed dial” setting

Program Buttons Button Settings

Use the arrow keys to select Dial Number, then press |Select|

You’ll next be asked for the number that you’d like to set for the speed dial. Enter the number, and press |Next|

Enter Numbers For Speed Dial

You’re then asked to enter the name:

  • Press the number keys to select the appropriate letter

  • Press the number multiple times to select a different letter

  • Press [#] for space

  • Press [*] for punctuation

When you’ve entered the name, press |Done|

Speed Dial Labels

You can then set up additional speed dials, or press |Exit| to end.

Using Speed Dial

To call the person that you’ve set up, press the button next to their name

If the person is in a status in which their phone is forwarded, you’ll see a line through their arrow and the button will light up orange

Speed Dial Status Forwarded

If the person is on another call, you’ll see a phone icon next to their name and the button will light up red.

Speed Dial Status In A Call

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079