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  1. Connect to an Ethernet network cable before powering on the computer.
  2. The Setup Assistant will display and ask you to select your Country or Region.
  3. Select the United States.
  4. You will be taken to the Remote Management window.
  5. Sign - in at the Remote Management Remote Management window with your CNU ID Number and Password.
  6. Login at the Login Window with your CNU ID Number and Password.

Application Installs

The first time that you loginlog in, the standard software installs will be complete: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Alertus, Chrome, ESET antivirus, Firefox, Microsoft Office suiteSuite, and VLC media player.

Additional software is available via Self Service, as well as the department printer(s). If there is something that you need to have installed that is not currently listed in Self Service, please submit a Helpdesk ticket and we will get the software added.

Self Service Installs (More information regarding Self Service can be found here.)

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