How do I use color codes in the Grade Center?

To use color codes in Grade Center, click on the manage button on the main Grade Center page and select Grading Color Codes.

Grade Center Color Codes

This opens the Grading Color Codes page. In section 1 of the page, check the ‘enable’ box.

Enable Grading Color Codes

Section 2 allows you to choose colors for three basic Grade Center statuses.

Grade Center Status Colors

Each of these already displays corresponding icons in the Grade Center cell, however, you may want to add color for quicker recognition.

When you click on the contextual menu, the color swatch pop up appears. You can choose a color by clicking on that square. The color will preview at the bottom of this menu. When you have the color you want, click Apply.

Grade Center Status Color Options

Section 3 allows you to employ color according to score criteria.

You can add a variety of score categories. Use the pull down menu to choose greater than or equal to, less than, or between. Then add the percentage(s) in the field next to that menu. Use the contextual menus for background and text to choose those colors.

Score Categories Color Coding

In this example, light orange-red with black text has been selected for any score in Grade Center that is between 55% and 75%. The ‘Text’ written is a preview of how your color selections look.

You can enter multiple criteria. When done adjusting these settings, click Submit.

In the Grade Center, cells will show up according to your selections.

Scholar Color Coding In Place

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