Your instructor may have decided to use the Google Assignments tool to collect assignments on Scholar.  This tool allows you to submit a wider range of documents, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to the assignment.  

To submit a Google Assignment, click on the assignment in Scholar.  You may be asked to sign in to Google.  Once you do, you'll be asked what account to link.  Make sure your CNU account is visible and click Link.

Link Google Account'

The first time you access Google Assignments, you will be asked to give permission.

You'll then see the assignment.  Click Add Files to add an already-completed assignment, or click Create to create a new Google Doc, Sheet, or Slides presentation.

Add or Create Files

If you add a file, you can submit documents directly from your Google Drive, or click the Upload button to upload a file from your computer.

Google Drive Files

Once you have the file you want, click Submit.  Ownership of Google Documents will be transferred to your instructor until the assignment is graded.

Submit Google Assignment

Once your instructor grades the assignment, you can see your feedback by clicking on the assignment or in the Grade Center as normal.  Clicking on it will bring you to the Google Assignments page for that assignment.

View Google Assignment Grade

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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