Once you’ve created a portfolio, you can share it with anyone inside or outside of the CNU community.  When you share a portfolio, you are essentially saving a snapshot of the portfolio and sending that to others.  Any edits that you make to your portfolio after you share it will not be reflected in the shared one. To share a portfolio, navigate to the My Portfolios screen. 

From there, click on the More link under the portfolio that you’d like to share and choose Share.

Share Portfolio

You’ll be taken to the Share Portfolio screen.  Click on Share a Snapshot with to share your portfolio, and choose who you’d like to share with. You have several options on whom to give access.  Users does not work unless you know the CNU ID number of the user who you’d like to share with.  Institution Roles gives access to all of a specific type of user on campus, and All System Accounts gives access to everyone on Scholar.  These three methods are not recommended.

The other three options are Courses, Organizations, and External Users.

Sharing with Courses/Organizations

You can share your portfolio with everyone in a particular course or organization in which you are enrolled.  Please note that this is not the way to submit portfolios if your instructor has set up a portfolio assignment. 

From the “Share a Snapshot with” menu, choose Courses (if you want to share it with a course) or Organizations (if you want to share it with a Scholar organization).

You’ll be taken to a screen to select a course or organization.  Click the browse button to select a course.

Select Course

You’ll be brought to a search box.  Enter part of the name of your course into the Search For box, and click Search.

Course Search

A list of your courses will then appear on the right.  Check the box(es) next to the course(s) that you’d like to share with and click Submit

Submit Portfolio Snapshot to Course

Click Submit and your portfolio will be shared with the participants in the course or organization.

Sharing with External Users

You can also share your portfolio with anyone in the world using the External Users command.  This does not give the other users access to the rest of the Scholar system, only to a snapshot of your portfolio.  

To share your portfolio with an external user, choose External Users form the Share a Snapshot with menu.

Share with External User

You’ll be taken to the External Users screen.  Enter the e-mail addresses of the users with whom you wish to share the portfolio in the E-mail recipients field.  You can enter multiple e-mail addresses separated by commas.

Recipient Email Fields

You’ll then be asked to create an e-mail that will contain the link to your portfolio.  Write your e-mail in the provided box.  The link to your portfolio will go wherever <PORTFOLIO_URL> is found, so make sure not to delete it.

Portfolio Snapshot Message

Next, you’re asked if you want to enter a password for your portfolio.  This would require that external users enter a password before viewing your portfolio.  This could be useful if you’re concerned about the link to the portfolio being passed to others. To password-protect your portfolio, choose Use password and enter the password in the field next to it.

Portfolio Password

The final setting allows you to set whether you would like access to expire in a certain number of days.  If you do, change the setting to Lifetime of Pass, and enter the time for which you’d like people to be able to access your work.

Portfolio Expiration Date

Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click Submit and the people whom you’ve chosen to receive your portfolio will get e-mails with a link to your portfolio.  Anyone with the link (and the password if you’ve set one) will be able to access the portfolio.

You can also copy and paste the url that is displayed on your Share Portfolio screen into an e-mail to send it to someone else.

Portfolio External URL

Ending Sharing

If you want to quit sharing a snapshot with someone, click the trashcan symbol next to the snapshot you want to quit sharing.

End Portfolio Sharing

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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