Google Meet currently allows video recording.  At some point in the future (which has not yet been disclosed by Google), recordings made through Google Meet  will expire after 30 days. 

To create a recording in Google Meet, you need to be inside a currently-active Google Meet session. Open the menu on the bottom right, marked with three dots, that hides additional settings. 

In the resulting dropdown, select "Record meeting" from the top. 

A mini-window appears in the center of the screen, notifying the user that they should be asking for consent of all participants before starting the recording. Clicking "Accept" will start the recording. 

To stop the recording, return to the dropdown in the bottom-right. The "Record meeting" option will be replaced with "Stop Recording"; click on it to stop the recording. 

You will see a notice that your recording will be stored in Google Drive. Processing time may vary depending on the length of the video–the video will not be immediately available as soon as the recording is done. Google will send a notification email upon uploading the video to your Google Drive. 

Please note that any recordings made in a Google Meet space will be uploaded to the Google Drive of the space's host–guests to a Google Meet space may record, but will not receive the recording unless the host shares it with them afterwards. 

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