There are several ways to check your Mitel voicemail.  First, you’ll receive an e-mail with a copy of the voicemail as long as your phone is linked to your e-mail account.  You can also access it either through visual voicemail directly on your phone, or by calling into the voicemail system.

Voicemail Notification

When you have voicemail, the red light at the top right of your phone will flash.  You’ll also see a voicemail icon () in the top-right corner of your phone’s screen.

Voice-driven Menu System

You can check your voicemails by calling in to the voicemail system.  How you do that depends on the phone you’re on:

  • From your CNU phone: dial [#]

  • From another CNU phone: dial [#], wait for the chime, and press [#] again.

  • From a non-CNU phone: dial your phone number, wait for the voicemail, then press [*].  When prompted, press [#]

Once you get there, press [1] to listen to new messages or [3] to listen to saved messages.  The in-message controls are the same with either type of message.

  • [1] replays the message

  • [2] saves it

  • [3] deletes it

  • [7] goes to the previous message

  • [9] goes to the next message

Visual Voicemail

You can also access your voicemail through the visual voicemail system.  To get your voicemail, press the [Voicemail] key.

Mitel Phone Voicemail Button

You’ll then be asked to enter your password.  Do so and press the |OK| softkey.

Mitel Phone Voicemail Password

After a brief delay, you’ll see a list of your voicemails.  Unheard voicemails will be bold, while heard ones will be in regular text.  Select a voicemail with the arrow keys.

Mitel Phone Voicemail List

Press |Play| to play the voicemail (you can pick up the handset if you don’t want it to play over your phone’s speaker), |Call Back| to return the call, and |Delete| to delete the voicemail.  Please note that pressing |Delete| completely removes the voicemail from your account.

Press |More| to get more options.  Once you do that, you can press |Open| to view details about the message.

Mitel Phone Voicemail Options

In the details screen, you can see the phone number of the person that called as well as the date, time and duration of the message.  You can press |Play| to play the message or |Call Back| to return the call.  If the caller called from a CNU number, you can also directly leave them a voicemail reply by pressing |VM Reply|.  Press |Back| to return to the main voicemail menu.

Mitel Voicemail Replay Options

Press |Exit| to return to the main phone screen.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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