The Mitel (formerly known as ShoreTel) client allows you to change forwarding, voicemail, and several other settings without going through on-phone or voice-driven menus.  This article details how. If you need information on obtaining the client or its basic functionality, you can use our Mitel Basics article. If you'd like to change your forwarding settings, see our Changing Forwarding Settings with the Mitel Client article.

Getting to Settings

To get to the settings window, click the Connect menu at the top of the client and choose Settings….

Mitel Client Settings

Voicemail Settings

There are a number of options that can be selected in your Mitel voicemail, and most can be changed from the Mitel client.

Voicemail Greetings

When setting voicemail greetings, it’s important to remember that the greetings are on a per state basis.  To change the greeting for a particular state, click on Call Routing.

Mitel Client Call Routing


Then, click the link next to “Voicemail greeting recorded” or “No voicemail greeting reported”.

Mitel Client Record Voicemail Greeting

You can play your greeting with the controls on the top.  

Mitel Client Play Greeting

Clicking the phone icon will switch recording and playback to your phone.  Using the speaker will have the client use your computer for recording and playback.

To record a new greeting, click Record New Greeting.

Mitel Client Record New Greeting

Click Save Recording to save the recording, and Save to complete the setup.

Mitel Client Save Recording

Voicemail to E-mail

You can use the client to control whether or not you get your voicemails delivered to your e-mail.   To do so, click on the Notifications menu.

Mitel Client Notifications


You can then click on the checkboxes to change the behavior of voicemail to e-mail.

Email Voicemail Notifications

Change your Voicemail Password or Record your Name

To change your voicemail password, select the Voicemail area on the left.

Mitel Client Voicemail Settings

Then, click Setup.

Mitel Client Voicemail Setup

You can then change your voicemail password by typing the your current one and the new one in the relevant boxes.

Mitel Client Voicemail Password


To record your name for the default greetings, you can click on Record New Name at the bottom.

Mitel Client New Voicemail Name

Please note that you can switch between using your phone and using your computer for audio with the toggle switch on the right.

Mitel Client Toggle Audio

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