This document discusses backing up the Grade Center in a Scholar Original Course. For backing up the Gradebook in an Ultra course, the relevant documentation is located here

There is no event quite as frustrating as accidentally deleting a grade or grade column from the Scholar Grade Center.  While Scholar records each change that you make to the Grade Center, you may find it easier to restore from a backup.  This article describes how to back up your Grade Center.

The Grade Center has a feature that allows you to save a copy on your own computer. You may want to save a copy before and after you make major changes to your Grade Center layout or grade a large number of papers.

In the course, use the control panel to access the Full Grade Center.

Scholar Full Grade Center

Choose Download from the Work Offline menu in the upper-right corner of the Grade Center

Scholar Download Grade Center

On the screen that comes up, you will be able to download either the full grade center or a specific column.

Scholar Download Grade Center Data Select

In the next section, select Comma Delimited for the file type, as there are problems importing the tab delimited format into newer versions of Excel.  Then choose if you want to include hidden columns and/or users.

Scholar Grade Center Delimiter Type

To save the information to your computer, make sure My Computer is selected as the download location.

Once you have everything selected, click submit and you’ll be taken to a screen that will allow you to download your Grade Center. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the file.

Scholar Grade Center Download Button

You can then open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet program to verify the data is all there and ready should you need to refer to it later.

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