This document is about adding web links to an Original view course. For adding a web link to Ultra courses, refer to the documentation here

In many courses, it may become necessary to provide students with quick and easy access to resources outside of Scholar. Primary examples of such resources include outside websites, or links to files stored in Google Drive due to their size.  Below are the basic steps for adding a web link to a Scholar content area. 

When inside a content area, open the Build Content dropdown menu, then select Web Link. 

This will open up a window allowing you to add the link. Two fields are required: the name of the link, and the URL where it leads. Paste the desired URL into the URL field, and ensure that the checkbox below about the link being to a Tool Provider is not checked.  Users also have the option to provide a description and attach files below the link, but these are optional. 

Users can also choose whether or not the link will be opened in a new window on the browser, rather than the current one. We recommend that you leave this option as "Yes", in order to avoid potential errors that can occur when opening a web link in the same window. 

When you have finished creating the link, click Submit at the bottom. The link will then appear in the content area as shown below. Users can click on the link name to open the link. 

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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