While Christopher Newport University teaches primarily face-to-face, it is possible that in an emergency situation, that may not be practical.  Luckily, today's technology environment makes it possible to move most coursework online in these situations.  This session will demonstrate the basics of conveying information, collecting assignments, and communicating in real time with your students.  You'll also be briefly introduced to other tools that can be used to teach online.  When you leave, you'll have the knowledge you need to plan for disrupted courses, and ideas of what tools to request additional training on.


Participants may be aware of Scholar, but have not heavily used either it or Collaborate.

Required Participant Prep Work

Participants should bring their syllabus and begin thinking about alternative assignments in case of campus closure


  • Intro to planning for disruption
    • Length of disruption
    • Scholar is completely independent of campus
  • Quick review of posting information
  • Audio/video information:
    • Don't post directly on Scholar
    • Video tools
      • PowerPoint
      • Screencast-o-matic
    • Posting Options
      • YouTube
      • Google Drive
  • Collecting assignments
    • Assigning
    • Giving Feedback
  • Blackboard Collaborate
    • Adding to course
    • Accessing
  • Menu of tools:
    • Tests
    • Discussion
    • Blogs/Journals
    • Publisher materials – ask us to integrate
  • Training Materials
  • Make your plan now
    • Planning Worksheet
    • Communication with students

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a plan for continuing courses in the event that Christopher Newport University is closed
  • Post materials on Scholar
  • Determine a tool to use for creating video content
  • Create, assign, and view assignments
  • Identify additional Scholar tools to use in courses
  • Use Blackboard Collaborate for real-time communication
  • Locate training materials for additional help