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Download the appropriate print drivers for your version of macOS.
Screenshot of driver download page

You can download the latest driver from  Select your version of macOS, and download the latest Letter driver file (not A4).

After downloading, double-click the zip file to automatically extract it in your Downloads folder.

Locate and run the installer file, “C759_C658_C368_C287_C3851.pkg”, under your Downloads folder: Downloads > C759_C658_C368_C287_C3851_Series_v11.6.0_Letter. You will not need to customize any options.  Simply click the Continue button a few times, & then click Install, providing your administrative password when prompted.

Once installed, you can delete the downloaded zip file and extracted folder from your Downloads.

Download the CNU Print Anywhere MacOS installer. ### TO BE ADDED 2021-03-18 ###

Mount/open the CNU Print Anywhere Macintosh disk image and run the packaged installer, “CNU-PrintAnywhere.pkg”. Click the Continue button a few times, and then provide your administrative password when prompted.

If you receive a firewall or security prompt to allow “” to accept incoming connections, click on the Allow button.

You may now print to the CNU Print Anywhere system any time that you are connected to CNU’s wireless network.  When you print a document to the printers added by the installer, you will be prompted to enter your CNU ID number so that only you will be able to release your document at the corresponding printer release station.


  1. In Finder, browse to the root of your hard drive.
  2. Under the “Library” folder, go to “Application Support,” and then “Pharos.”
  3. In the “Utilities” folder there, run the Uninstaller application.
  4. When prompted, tick the box next to “Pharos Popup” and press the Continue button twice, followed by the Done button to fully remove the application.