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When operating under the Windows 10 Operating System, it may be necessary to change the default display settings, either to create a setup where two monitors are mirrored, or where a second monitor is set as an extension of the first.
(Please note that these instructions are NOT meant to be used on CNU Lectern computers!)

To change such display settings, open the Windows Settings, which can be found in the Start menu. 

A window will open showing all the possible settings that can be utilized. Select the System icon. 

On the resulting sidebar, click Display. 

You will be brought to a location that allows you to customize a number of display settings. Scroll down until you see the heading for Multiple Displays. Below this heading is a dropdown that will allow you to choose to either extend or mirror the displays connected to the machine you are currently on. 

When an option is selected, your monitors will automatically revert to the chosen setting as a preview. You will then be given an option to keep the new setting, or revert back to the previous display setting. Click “Keep Changes” to lock in the new display settings.