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There are two methods you can use to email students in your courses through Scholar: through the Qwickly module, or through the Course Tools for the individual course.

Email via Qwickly:

To create send email to students from one or more classes at once, locate the Qwickly module on your opening page and click Send Email:

Scholar Qwickly Send Email

This will pop open a window that will allow you to create the email. Select the courses that you wish to create the email for on the right-hand side of the box, and use the Subject and Message fields to write your email. If you wish to send this email to yourself as well, click the dialog button at the top of the window.

Scholar Qwickly Email Form Select Class

If you wish to attach a file to the email, click the computer icon.

Scholar Qwickly Email Select File

It will turn into a Choose File button. Click Choose File to select and attach a file to the email.

Choose File Button

Once finished, Click Submit to send the email.

Scholar Qwickly Submit Email

Email Within a Course:

Enter into the desired course shell, and use the control panel category labeled ‘Course Tools’ to select 'Send Email'.

Scholar Course Tools Send Email

This will take you to the send email page. From this page you can click on the link to send email via a number of different selections. The most common selections would be 'all users' or 'single/select users'.

Scholar Send Email Options

If you are selecting specific individuals or groups your page will include a pair of windows to select your intended recipients.

Scholar Email Select Recipients

Click the name of the individual you wish to email and hit the arrow to move them into the 'selected' category. These are the individuals who will receive the email.

With any of the selections your page includes windows for your email subject line and the body of your email text. You can also include an attachment.

Scholar Email Content

After filling in the subject line and body of the email in the boxes, click submit. The email will be sent to all the intended recipients’ CNU email accounts and you will receive a copy of it as well. Responses will come to your CNU email account.