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The SMART Notebook software allows you to use the SMART Podium units in your classroom as a whiteboard. While it has several features, the most basic use is writing on the screen and saving those notes to a PDF file.

To access the SMART Notebook, click on the SMART Notebook icon.

While in the SMART Notebook software, it’s important to use the SMART Podium’s pen with the controls.  Clicking them with the mouse will result in the ink color, eraser, or other tool being applied to the mouse, not the pen.

To write on the notebook, tap on the pen tool in the toolbar. 

 You can then select the pen’s style, color, and width.

You can then write on the canvas.

To erase your work, tap on the eraser icon.  You can then use the pen as an eraser.

To go to another page, preserving what you’ve drawn, click the Next Page icon.

You can move between pages by clicking the arrows () or by clicking on the pages at the left.

To save what you’ve drawn, choose Export As, then PDF… from the File menu.  The PDF options dialog will come up. Since the SMART Podium is wider than it is long, you may want to set it to Landscape mode.  Click on the PDF Setup tab.

Then check the Landscape box, click Save, and choose where to save the file.

Your writing/drawing will be saved.