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The Mitel (formerly known as ShoreTel) client allows you to change forwarding, voicemail, and several other settings without going through on-phone or voice-driven menus.  This article details how. If you need information on obtaining the client or its basic functionality, you can use our Mitel Basics article. To set up your voicemail, see the Changing Voicemail Settings with the Mitel Client Article. 

Getting to Settings

To get to the settings window, click the Connect menu at the top of the client and choose Settings….

Mitel Client Settings

Setting Up Call Forwarding

You can set up call forwarding on a per-state basis using the Call Routing menu.  For more information about states, see our article on Call Forwarding with States

Mitel Client Call Routing

First, select the state for which you’d like to edit the forwarding information.

Mitel Client Call Forwarding State

You’re then given a number of options for forwarding your calls.

Traditional Call Forwarding

To access the same call forwarding options available on your phone, click on the Change button next to  either “[#] rings before incoming calls are routed to voicemail” or “Incoming Calls are immediately routed to voicemail”

Mitel Change Setting 1

Mitel Change Setting 2

Once you click on the change button, you get a screen with three options.

Mitel Forwarding Setting Options

  • Keep ringing the number above disables all forwarding; your phone will ring until you pick it up or the caller hands up.

  • Forward the call to allows you to forward the call to your voicemail or another number after a given number of rings.  You can change the number of rings or the forwarding destination with the dropdown menus.

  • Always forward my calls to will immediately forward any calls received by your phone either to your voicemail or another number; your phone won’t ring.  You can change the destination using the dropdown menu.

When you’re done, click Save.

Simultaneous Ringing

You may also want calls to your phone to cause both your phone and another phone (such as your mobile phone) to ring. To do so, select the state in which you’d like this to happen and click next to “No phones will simultaneously ring” or “This phone will simultaneously ring [number]”.

Mitel Simultaneous Ring Location

Check the box next to “Also simultaneously ring the following” and click the dropdown to select a number.  Enter the number exactly how you’d dial it.

Mitel Simultaneous Ring Settings

Click Use Selected Number, and then click Save.

Find Me

If your phone is in any state other than Available, you’re also able to set your phone to ring a different number if people press 1 during your voicemail greeting. To do so, click the button next to “If callers press 1 during my voicemail greeting...”

Mitel Find Me Location

On that screen you can set numbers using the dropdown that will be called if people press 1 during your voicemail greeting.  

Mitel Find Me Location

There are a couple of things that you should note when using Find Me:

  • The person receiving the call will not immediately be connected to the call.  Instead they will receive an automated message asking them to accept the call

You must record a voicemail greeting telling callers about the option, Mitel does not add anything to the default voicemail greeting.

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