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This information ONLY applies to Students at Christopher Newport University, if you are a Faculty or Staff member having issues with the wireless network then please submit a ticket at or call the Helpdesk at 757-594-7079.

How to connect your device!

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OnGuard FAQ's
What is OnGuard?OnGuard is an application that is required to access Christopher Newport's wireless network WiFi-CNU. Upon installation OnGuard checks your computer to verify you have an antivirus software installed. If OnGuard detects that you have an antivirus software installed, OnGuard will display your status as "healthy". If OnGuard does not detect that you have an antivirus installed it will display your status as "Unhealthy".

Once OnGuard is completed scanning your computer you will be granted full network access. However, if OnGuard was unable to detect the presence of antivirus software you will have 14 days to obtain an antivirus software before losing internet access. If you believe that OnGuard has unsuccessfully detected your antivirus software please submit a ticket via or feel free to contact our customer service desk at (757) 594-7079.
Typical steps for troubleshooting?There are a number of reasons why OnGuard may not run correctly on your machine. It's always best to ensure that your antivirus or any other security software installed is not prohibiting OnGuard from running. Another best practice is to simply reboot your machine, a quick reboot can sometimes solve problems incurred after the installation process.
Can I connect my smart device to the wireless network?At this time, you cannot. Ethernet is the supported method for any console, Smart TV, or computer at this time. Many devices like the Amazon Fire stick offer devices that allow Ethernet connections to exist.
Can I connect my Chromebook to the wireless network?Yes, a ticket is required so that we can assist with getting it setup correctly.
Having Trouble?

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If you're having trouble and are receiving a specific error message with OnGuard, check the Troubleshooting article.

Acceptable Antivirus

When utilizing wireless on campus you will need an acceptable antivirus prevention method. Here are the approved items for various platforms on campus.

Operating SystemAllowed Antivirus Programs
macOS & Windows
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