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Why OnGuard

OnGuard is an application that is required to access Christopher Newport's wireless network WiFi-CNU. Upon installation OnGuard checks your computer to verify you have an antivirus software installed. If OnGuard detects that you have an antivirus software installed, OnGuard will display your status as "healthy". If OnGuard does not detect that you have an antivirus installed it will display your status as "Unhealth".

Once OnGuard is completed scanning your computer you will be granted full network access. However, if OnGuard was unable to detect the presence of antivirus software you will have 14 days to obtain an antivirus software before losing internet access. If you believe that OnGuard has unsuccessfully detected your antivirus software please submit a ticket via or feel free to contact our customer service desk at (757) 594-7079.

For more information please feel free to watch the two videos available on the OnGuard download web page

Troubleshooting OnGuard

There are a number of reasons why OnGuard may not run correctly on your machine. It's always best to ensure that your antivirus or any other security software installed is not prohibiting OnGuard from running. Another best practice is to simply reboot your machine, a quick reboot can sometimes solve problems incurred after the installation process.

Correcting Installation/Initialization Issues

If you see one of the following errors

Initialization Issue 1Image Modified or Initialization Issue 2Image Modified

  • Confirm the device is connected to a campus network (WiFi-CNU).
  • If the alert is still orange, restart the computer.
  • Once the computer has been rebooted, reopen OnGuard and confirm if the issue is still occurring

If the issue persists please follow the below directions for conducting a complete uninstalling of OnGuard

  • Open the windows "Services" utility by typing "services.msc" in the search or finding it via task manager.
  • Select the "Clearpass Agent Controller" and CONFIRM the status is "RUNNING", if not, right click it, and select"Start"

ClearPass Agent Controller RunningImage Modified

  • After a short period of time, the Clearpass application should come back with a Healthy or Unhealthy status.

Health Status FixedImage Modified

  • If it is still stuck initializing please confirm there is only ONE antivirus application installed and that the antivirus application is not quarantining Clearpass Onguard in any way.
    • If these do not appear to be the issue, remove the Clearpass Onguard application from the computer following the directions below.

Uninstalling OnGuard

  • Open the "Add and Remove Programs" utility by typing "uninstall" in the search or finding it via task manager.

Uninstall OnGuardImage Modified