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Comment: Updated macOS Version 11 with instructions for Big Sur enrollment


The following steps outline the enrollment process for macOS versions 11 (Big Sur) and require administrative access. If you do not have administrative access to your Mac device, please call the IT Services Helpdesk at (757) 594-7079 and a technician will provide remote assistance. 
  1. Please navigate to
  2. Sign in with your CNU Connect ID and password.
  3. Install the first CA certificate.
    1. Click Continue 
    2. The page will change to the next install prompt, please stay on the same webpage.
    3. You will see a notification to open System Preferences to install the CA Certificate
    4. On your Mac open System Preferences → Profiles
    5. The CA Certificate will be highlighted. Click Install... in the upper right corner of the window.
    6. Return to the browser window
  4. Install the MDM profile.
    1. Click Continue
    2. You will see a notification to open System Preferences to install the MDM Profile
    3. Go back to the Profiles window and the MDM Profile will be highlighted. Click Install...
    4. This step requires administrative access; therefore, when prompted please type enter your administrative credentials. 
  5. Once the CA Certificate and MDM Profile are installed the enrollment process is complete!

macOS Versions 10.14-10.15