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Posting Messages in Google Groups


To access your Google Group, you must be signed into CNU connect.  Once you are, you can go to If you prefer, you can get to Groups by clicking the app switcher in any Google app and choosing More.

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Then, click on Groups.

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You’ll be brought to the main Groups page.  To access your groups, click My Groups.

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You’ll see a list of the groups in which you are a member.  You’ll see several that you’re not an administrator of; this is because CNU uses Google Groups for all of our mailing lists.


To edit the membership of your group, click on “Manage members” under the name of your group.

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Adding Members

You’ll see a list of everyone in your group.  To add new people to your group, click on “Direct add members”.  

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Enter the e-mail addresses in the top box.  You can add multiple e-mail addresses separated with commas.

Add Via Email AddressImage Modified

In the next box, you can write a message letting the people you invited know that you’ve added them to the group.  If you don’t put a welcome message in, they won’t get notified.

Write Email MessageImage Modified

The next set of options controls how often users receive e-mail.  Unless your list is extremely high-traffic, the default All Email is the setting that you want for this. As all of our Google Groups are set up not to use the web discussion, it’s very important that you do not use “No email”.  .

Email Subscription OptionsImage Modified

When you’ve got everything entered, click Add.

Add People to GroupImage Modified

The people will be added to the group and will receive any e-mails you send to the group e-mail address.


Removing members is simple.  From the Manage Members page, check the box next to the member and choose “Remove from group” from the Actions menu.

Remove MembersImage Modified