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Can you install SPSS?


To determine whether your Windows 7 version is 32 or 64 bit, click on the start menu, right-click on Computer, and choose Properties.

Windows 7 PropertiesImage Modified

In the screen that appears, you can find your system type (64 or 32 bit):

Windows 7 System TypeImage Modified

Determining on Windows 10


On the screen that comes up, the “System type” feild field will tell you whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system.


 If you’re already signed into CNU Connect, you’ll immediately see the download link.  If not, you’ll see the Google sign-in page. Sign in with your CNU e-mail and password.

Google Sign-In PageImage Modified

Either way, you’ll then see the download link.  Click on the Download button to download the file.

Google Download FileImage Modified

As the SPSS installer is a large file, you’ll get a warning that Google Drive is unable to scan the file for viruses.  Since this is a trusted CNU drive, click “Download anyway” and the file will download.

Google Download AnywayImage Modified

Click on your download, and double-click SPSS_Statistics_Installer.

Mac Start SPSS InstallerImage Modified

You’ll receive a notification that the installer was downloaded from the Internet.  Click Open.

Mac Open SPSS InstallerImage Modified

If you aren’t logged in to your computer as an administrator, you’ll be prompted to enter an administrator username and password.

Next, the installer will appear.  Choose the language which you want to use to install SPSS and click OK.

Installer LanguageImage Modified

Click Next.

Installer IntroductionImage Modified

Accept the licence license agreement and click next again.

SPSS License AgreementImage Modified

You’ll be asked whether or not you want to install SPSS for Python.  In order for the Commuter License tool to work, choose Yes here.

Install SPSS for PythonImage Modified

If you choose yes for Python, you’ll have to accept two more license agreements.

License Agreement 1Image ModifiedLicense Agreement 2Image Modified

You’ll be asked where to install SPSS.  The default is good, so click Next.

SPSS Install LocationImage Modified

Then, click Install.

SPSS Install StartImage Modified

The install will start.  When it’s finished, you’ll have the option to run the license wizard.  Make sure the box is checked and click Done.

SPSS Installer FinishImage Modified

The License Wizard will start. Click Next.

SPSS License WizardImage Modified

On the next screen, choose “Concurrent user license” and click Next.

SPSS Concurrent User LicenseImage Modified

In the box that comes up, enter and click Next..