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To change the state your phone is in, press the button underneath |State| on your phone.

Mitel Phone States ButtonImage Modified

You’ll be brought to a menu of states.  Highlight a state with the arrow keys (you can scroll down below the four that appear on the screen) and press either OK or the button in the middle of the arrow keys to select it.

Mitel Phone States MenuImage Modified

Your phone will then follow the forwarding settings of the state you’ve selected. Don’t be alarmed if the buttons next to the screen light up orange; this just means that you’ve set a state that forwards all calls to your voicemail.


To do so, choose |Options| at the main menu.

Mitel Phone Options MenuImage Modified

You’ll be asked for your voicemail password.  Enter it and press |OK|

Select Availability and press |Edit|

Mitel Phone State AvailabilityImage Modified

Choose the state that you’d like to change the forwarding settings for (remember, these settings are unique to each state, and press |Edit| (do not use the button in the middle of the arrow keys; that will simply set your availability state).

Edit Forwarding StateImage Modified

You’ll be brought to a menu with several options for setting up your forwarding.

Forwarding Destination SettingsImage Modified

The first option, Forward Calls, allows you to choose whether and when your calls are forwarded when your phone’s in that state. There are three options: