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Once you’ve downloaded your Grade Center, it’s time to edit it.  If you open the file normally in Excel, it will remove the leading zeros on student ID’s.  To prevent this, follow these steps.

Open a new document in Excel. From the Data ribbon, choose From Text.  You may have to use the Get External Data dropdown to see it.

Excel Get External Data from TextImage Removed

Select your file, and you’ll be brought to a screen that allows you to begin selecting import information.  Choose Delimited for the data type and check “My data has headers”. Then click Next.

Excel Import Wizard 1Image Removed

On the next screen, make sure only the Comma box is checked and click Next.

Excel Import Wizard 2Image Removed

On the final screen, click on the box for Username, and change the data format to Text.  If you don’t, the leading zeros will be removed from the student ID’s, and you won’t be able to import them into the Grade Center.

Excel Import Wizard 3Image Removed

Click Finish, and you can edit  the Grade Center.  Do  

Do not change the column headers, or the file won’t import correctly.