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AuthorJan Dougherty
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28 2020 


Scholar allows students to create e-portfolios which that can contain text, images, copies of assignments from multiple courses, uploaded files, and anything else accessible from the Internet.  These portfolios can be assigned as part of a course, and turned in as regular assignments.


While the portfolio tool is available in all courses, it is not visible to students unless you add it to the menu.  To do so, click on the plus sign at the top of your course menu and choose Tool Link.

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A menu will pop up that allows you to name the link.  Below that, you should choose “Portfolios Homepage” from the Type: dropdown box.  Then, check the box next to Available to Users so your students can see  the link.

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A link will then be created that allows students to create portfolios.


To assign a portfolio, navigate to a content area and choose “Assignment” from the “Assessments” menu.

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Give it a name, and enter any instructions for the portfolio in the Instructions field.

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Under the Grading menu, you must enter the number of points possible for the assignment.  You can also attach a rubric.  For further information about rubrics, see the Creating Rubrics and Grading with Rubrics articles.

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Next, click on Submission Details.

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This will bring up the Submission Details options.  Change the Assignment Type option to Portfolio Submission. If ITS has created a portfolio template for you, you can assign it here.

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Once you’ve selected that, you can set the other options as normal and click Submit.  This will create the portfolio assignment.


Student portfolios are viewed using the same method as any other assignment.  Go to Grade Center -> Full Grade Center.

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Navigate to the grade center column containing the portfolio assignment and the row containing the student.   Hover over the exclamation mark, or, if you’ve already graded the assignment, the grade and choose Attempt <date> from the dropdown.

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You’ll then be brought to Scholar’s grading interface.  You can see all areas of the portfolio snapshot, as well as give it a grade.

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The comment, rubric and score functions of inline grading, but not the annotation or SafeAssign features.  When you’ve viewed the portfolio, enter a score for the attempt, and click Submit.

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