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Google Drive is CNU’s collaborative document editing and storage platform. Using Google Drive, you can view and edit your documents from anywhere on the web. You can also work on documents collaboratively when using the linked applications of Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. As a member of the CNU community, you have free access to a Google Drive account linked to your CNU Credentials.   You also have access to additional basic training on Google Drive functionality provided via LinkedIn. 

What kinds of documents can I create?

You can store most file types within Google Drive with ease. In addition, you can use the following native Google applications to create documents directly within Google Drive (additional training provided via LinkedIn): 

As native-application documents, these files do not count towards your total file storage limit. 

The following document from Google’s site will give you a brief overview of the utilities in Google Drive:

How do I create a document using the Google apps?

To create a document, click on the “New” button.

New Document

Then, choose the type of document that you’d like to create. This will automatically create the new file within your Google Drive, and open it in a new tab on your browser for you to begin work. 

Select New Document Type

How do I upload a file?

The easiest way to upload a file is simply to drag the icon for your file onto the main window of the drive.  

Upload File

If you upload a document type that Google recognizes you will be able to preview it directly in your Drive.  If the file is editable in Google Drive, you can open an editable copy by checking the box next to the file name, and choosing the appropriate app from More -> Open With.

Open With

Is there a storage limit?

Storage limits for CNU-owned Google accounts has recently been updated. Please refer to this document for additional details. 

How can I organize my files?

To organize your files, you can create folders in your drive by clicking “New”, then “Folder.  You can also create subfolders inside of folders.

New Folder

To move a file into a folder, just click and drag the file from its current location to the file you wish to place it inside. You can also right-click on a file, select Move To, and select a location within your Google Drive to move the file through several folders' worth of space simultaneously. 

Move To ButtonMove To Navigation

How can I delete unwanted files?

To delete an unwanted file from your Drive, click the file and then click the delete button.

Delete File

That will move the unwanted file to the trash.  To free up space in your drive, you must empty the trash.  To do so, go to the trash.

Google Drive Trash

Then, click on Empty Trash in the top right corner.

Empty Trash

Can I share my files with other people? 

Google Drive is designed to allow users to easily share and collaborate on files. For more detailed instruction on the mechanics of sharing files within Google Files, head here