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Occasionally, you may want to save the structure and content of a course. This article covers archiving courses, which involves saving all course content, student submissions and grades.  If you would like to save only the content and structure of a course (for example, to use that information in another semester), you should see the article on exporting courses. 


Click directly on the file name, and you will be prompted to save your download.  Do not open or unzip this file or you will not be able to restore it.  As Safari automatically unzips zipped files, you should use Chrome or Firefox to download these files.


If you’re importing an archive from before May 2019, it’s very important that you UNCHECK NAVIGATION SETTINGS.  Failure to do so may cause your course to be stuck on the old theme and look out of place with the rest of the system.

Scholar Import Package Navigation Settings DO NOT PICK

Click "Submit" to place the import into your queue. Once the import is complete, you should be able to enter your new course and access its contents.