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Change the dropdown under "Multiple Displays" to "Duplicate these displays.".

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If this still isn't working, call (757)594-7079 and let them know you are in a classroom.


Double check that the document camera is on by pressing the power button on the camera.  A green light will be lit if it's on.

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Double-check the zoom level of the camera with the zoom wheel.

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If the image is frozen, make sure you don't have "Freeze" activated.

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Problem: I need to access something in the cabinet, but it's locked and I don't have a key


You can use the USB ports on the monitor if you don't want to open the case cabinet to use any USB devices.

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When you're done with the computer, sign out by clicking on the Start menu, click the users menu, then sign out.


Gently raise the camera up by pulling up on the handle.

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Turn the document camera on using the button on the camera.

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You can zoom in and out using the zoom wheel.

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You can freeze the image by using the freeze button.

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When you're done, press the button on the camera to turn it off.