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These instructions will tell you all you need to know to operate the classroom AV equipment.

Starting the System

To start the AV system, you need to tap the touch panel once to wake it up.  You'll see the intro screen.

Intro ScreenImage Added

Tap it once more and you'll see the main menu.  Tap the device you'd like to use, and the system will come on, the screens will come down, and your selection will display.

Select InputImage Added

Using the computer

To use the classroom PC, tap on PC.

PC buttonImage Added

Log into the PC.   If the PC has been turned off, you can turn it back on in the cabinet.

PC buttonImage Added

You can use the USB ports on the monitor if you don't want to open the case to use any USB devices.

When you're done with the computer, sign out by clicking on the Start menu, click the users menu, then sign out.

Sign OutImage Added

Using the document camera

First, select Doc Cam from the main menu.

Doc Cam ButtonImage Added

Gently raise the camera up by pulling up on the handle.

Turn the document camera on using the button on the camera.

You can zoom in and out using the zoom wheel.

You can freeze the image by using the freeze button.

When you're done, press the button on the camera to turn it off.

Then, gently lower the camera down using the handle. Do not press down on the camera head.

Using the Blu-ray player

There is a Blu-ray/DVD player located in the cabinet.  Put the DVD or Blu-ray in the player.

Blu-ray playerImage Added

Then, press the Blu-ray button on the touch panel.

Blu-ray buttonImage Added

You can then control the player with the touch panel.

Display different items on different screens

Sometimes it's helpful to display different things on different screens in multiple-screen classrooms.  To do so, tap Advanced Routing.

Advanced RoutingImage Added

Tap the item on the left, and the screen that you want to send it to on the right.  You can also choose which item's sound plays on the classroom speakers.

RoutingImage Added

When you leave

To keep the system working for your colleagues, it's very important that you properly exit and lock the system. This should happen unless you physically see the next instructor entering the room.

First, if you've used the classroom computer, make sure to log out of the computer by clicking the start menu and choosing Sign Out from the user menu.

Sign OutImage Added

Regardless of which tool you use, you'll need to exit the AV system.  Tap Exit System.

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Then, tap Shutdown System. The projectors will turn off and the screens will go up into the ceiling

Shutdown SystemImage Added

Finally, make sure that the cabinet is locked.