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COVID-19 Spring Semester UPDATE (01/05/2022)

For information on synchronous teaching guides, please follow the information below:

If you are a new professor and have never used Scholar before, this Basic Guide will have information on logging in and posting documents.  

To ramp up your synchronous teaching skills you will also want to watch the training videos on Blackboard Collaborate or Google Meet.  


This page will cover the equipment in a standard classroom.  Based on the configuration in the classroom, some of the specific tools may not be available.

Select why you're accessing this page:

I'm having a problem

I need instructions on how to use the equipment


The following are common problems that you can solve


Table of Contents

Problem: The screen is black, and pressing different items on the touch panel doesn't do anything

The most common reason that you see this behavior is that the person who used the AV equipment before you turned on Picture Mute. To turn Picture Mute off, tap the System Tools button.


If turning off Picture Mute did not solve your problem, please call (757)594-7079 and let them know you are currently using a classroom.

Problem: No Sound is Coming from the Classroom Speakers

The first thing that you should check is that the system isn't muted at the touchpanel (the button will read "Mute" if is NOT muted, "Unmute" if it is.


If you're still having trouble, call (757)594-7079 and tell the person that answers that you're currently using a classroom.

Problem: The monitor is displaying icons, but the projector is not.

The display has been switched to "Extend" mode.  To switch it back, right-click on the desktop and choose "Display settings".


If this still isn't working, call (757)594-7079 and let them know you are in a classroom.

Problem: The document camera is not displaying, or is frozen

Double check that the document camera is on by pressing the power button on the camera.  A green light will be lit if it's on.


If the image is frozen, make sure you don't have "Freeze" activated.

Freeze button

Problem: I need to access something in the cabinet, but it's locked and I don't have a key

The lecterns are supposed to be kept locked at all times. If you've been issued a key for ANY standard lectern (any lectern except the Digital Humanities one), it will work on all lecterns on campus.   You can get a key issued by contacting Will White (757-594-8236 or or Jan Dougherty (757-594-8263 or to request key training.  Unlocking lecterns for others or giving your key to others is prohibited.

Classroom Equipment Instructions

Table of Contents


Widget Connector

Starting the System

To start the AV system, you need to tap the touch panel once to wake it up.  You'll see the intro screen.


Tap it once more and you'll see the main menu.  Tap the device you'd like to use, and the system will come on, the screens will come down, and your selection will display.

Select Input

Using the computer

To use the classroom PC, tap on PC.


When you're done with the computer, sign out by clicking on the Start menu, click the users menu, then sign out.

Sign Out

Using the document camera

First, select Doc Cam from the main menu.


Then, gently lower the camera down using the handle. Do not press down on the camera head.

Using the Blu-ray player

There is a Blu-ray/DVD player located in the cabinet.  Put the DVD or Blu-ray in the player.


You can then control the player with the touch panel.

Display different items on different screens

Sometimes it's helpful to display different things on different screens in multiple-screen classrooms.  To do so, tap Advanced Routing.


Tap the item on the left, and the screen that you want to send it to on the right.  You can also choose which item's sound plays on the classroom speakers.


When you leave

To keep the system working for your colleagues, it's very important that you properly exit and lock the system. This should happen unless you physically see the next instructor entering the room.