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To obtain TurningPoint 8, log in to your Turning Account at or through Scholar.  If you don’t have a Turning Account, you’ll need to create one.  

In your Turning Account, click the Downloads button.

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Choose PC  No Install, and click "Download". 

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A file called TurningPoint.exe will download.  When it’s done, double-click on it.


You’ll be asked if you want to run the file.  Click Run.

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A box will pop up asking you where you want to unzip the TurningPoint folder to.  If defaults to a folder on your desktop, which is a good default if you plan on using it frequently.  If you’d like to change the location, click the symbol with the three dots to select a different location.

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Once you’ve done that, click Unzip.

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The file will be unzipped onto your computer. It may take some time.


Double-click on the TurningPoint App folder.

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Then, Double-click on TurningPoint.exe.

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If you install in a folder that already has content or sessions, TurningPoint will ask if you want to copy over your data.  Click Yes to bring copies of the data over.

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Removing the Old Windows Software


Drag the TurningPoint PC or TurningPoint Cloud folder to the Recycle Bin.

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Mac OS

Obtaining TurningPoint on the desktop 


In your Turning Account, click Downloads.

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Choose Turningpoint desktop (Mac).

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A file called TurningPoint.dmg will download.  Double-click on it.


You’ll see a window pop up that instructs you to drag the TurningPoint Cloud icon to your Applications folder.  Instead, drag it to your desktop or another area that you can find.

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Running TurningPoint 

Double-click on the TurningPoint icon on your desktop. You’ll see a warning that TurningPoint Cloud was downloaded from the Internet.  Click Open.

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TurningPoint can now be used.