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Courses are kept in the system for at least 2 years.  This ensures faculty have plenty of time to move material into newer course shells and/or create a backup. This can make the list of courses that display in the Course Module  quite long and difficult to scan.  Use the following steps to change your login page 'My Courses' module so that it only displays the courses you want to see regularly.

After you enter Scholar direct your mouse over the bar at the top of the ‘My Courses’ module. The gear icon will appear to the right.  Click that icon.

On section one of the ensuing page

Here you have two choices.  You can group courses by term, and/or remove specific courses from the My Courses list.

To group courses by semester, check the Group by Terms

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We don't recommend hiding entire terms as courses can then be difficult to find.

If you scroll down, you can choose whether or not a course will display in the module.