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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Account Guidelines



Christopher Newport University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an encrypted tunnel between a PC or computing device and the VPN device here at the University. By connecting to the University via the VPN, users can interact with University IT systems as if they were on campus.

You need to connect to the campus VPN for remote access to Christopher Newport University network drives and folders, the use of SSH or Microsoft Remote Desktop, and remote access to Banner, but you should disconnect once you no longer need special access to these services.

There is no need to connect to the VPN for access to online file services (Google Gmail or Google Drive) or web services (

Available to:

  1. Staff
  2. Faculty
  3. Approved Vendors and Contractors

Usage Requirements:

  1. CNU ID
  2. Annual Information Security Awareness Training
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Request Form
  4. DUO Multifactor Authentication Registration

Account Requirements:

  1. Staff and Faculty VPN access is reviewed every ninety (90) days. Users who fail to utilize their VPN privileges at least once every 90 days, may have their VPN privileges removed, and users will be required to re-apply to restore access.
  2. Users who fail to meet the minimum hardware requirements and abide by the Remote Access and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Standard may be subject to having their access removed.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

(These minimum requirements are for NON-CNU Owned/Managed Devices)

  • A supported version of Windows 10 or higher
    • Operating System updates should be enabled and not missing critical system updates
    • Microsoft's Windows Defender or any other antivirus software enabled
    • Native or other firewall enabled

  • MacOS 10.13 or higher
    • Operating System updates should be enabled and not missing critical system updates
    • MacOS native security feature (Gatekeeper) or any other antivirus software enabled
    • Native or other firewall enabled

Account Request Procedures:

  1. Staff and Faculty Account Request Procedures

    1. Remote Access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Standard
    2. Account Management Standard
    3. Policy 6010 Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources
    1. IT Services will notify you when your account has been provisioned.
      1. Additional Information on installing the Global VPN Protect Client can be access on the IT Services Knowledgebase Articles on Confluence here:
        1. Set Up VPN Access–MacOS
        2. Access My Computer via VPN - MacOS
        3. Set Up VPN Access--Windows
        4. Access My CNU Computer via VPN - Windows
      1. CNU owned computers/laptops will require installation of the Global VPN Protect Client by a Help Desk Technician and will be completed upon account approval.
      2. Personal Devices may download/install the Global VPN Protect Client here.
    1. Discuss the business need for VPN access with your immediate supervisor and complete the VPN Staff/Faculty Request Form
    2. Review the following Christopher Newport University Information Technology Standards:
    3. Ensure you have completed your annual Information Security Awareness Training on Scholar
    4. Open a Help Desk Ticket and upload your completed VPN Request form with your immediate supervisor/department chair and Vice President/Provost approval signatures.


Next Review Date:  June 2022