The presenter may have recorded the session.  These recording links can be e-mailed to you, or if you have access to the Scholar shell in which they were created, you can access them yourself.

To view recordings, access the Collaborate tool (your instructor may have given it a different name in the sidebar) and click the menu button at the top left.

Scholar Collaborate Menu Button

Choose Recordings.

Scholar Collaborate Menu

You’ll see a list of recordings.  To view a recording, click on the name.

Scholar Collaborate Recording Listing

The player will launch.  If this is the first time anyone’s viewed the recording, it may take a few minutes to start.

You’ll then be brought to the player.  

Scholar Collaborate Recording

Clicking the purple arrow at the bottom right opens the chat window.

Scholar Collaborate Recording Chatlog

Clicking a chat message advances the playback to the point at which the chat message was added.

You can download the recording or the chat log by clicking on the menu at the top left and choosing the appropriate link.

Scholar Collaborate Recording Downloads

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079