What can I do with the Mitel Chrome Extension?

The Mitel Chrome extension has several features that are not available in the desktop ShoreTel client, but lacks other features.  The list below will identify which features are available in each platform.

Features in BOTH platforms:

  • Set your phone state

  • Look up numbers in the directory

  • Listen to and manage voicemails

  • View caller information on your computer screen

  • Transfer calls, place calls into conference, or place calls on hold.

  • View the status of other extensions

Features only in the CHROME EXTENSION:

  • Put your phone in an “in a meeting” status when your CNU calendar indicates that you’re busy.

  • Right-click on any phone number on a webpage (in Chrome only) to call the number.

  • Installable without ITS

  • Automatic updates

Features only in the DESKTOP CLIENT

  • Set up call forwarding and other routing options

  • Record voicemail greetings

  • Set up conference calls using the Conference Bridge

Getting the Mitel Chrome Extension

To get the Mitel Chrome extension, type chrome:apps in the address bar.

Chrome Extensions Address

Then, click on the Web Store button.

Chrome Web Store

Search for Mitel in the search box.  Then, click the Add to Chrome button

Mitel Chrome App

The Mitel Connect extension will ask permission to use notifications, communicate with websites, change the data on websites you visit (to provide the right-click to call functionality) and manage your apps.  Click Add extension.

Add Mitel Extension

Logging Into the Extension

The first time that you use the extension, you’ll have to log in.  Click the Mitel extension in your toolbar.

Extension Login

Enter your CNU e-mail address and password.  Then click Show Advanced.

Mitel Client Login Credentials

On the line that appears, delete the default server and enter tp01pv.cnuadmin.cnu.edu.  Then check the Remember me box (unless you’re on a shared computer) and click Login.

Add Correct Mitel Server

Mitel Login Credentials

Linking your Google Account

If you want your phone status to change automatically based on your CNU calendar, you’ll have to link the extension to your Google account.  You will be prompted to log in to your Google account when you sign in.  Click Login to Google to access it.

Login to Google

If you don’t click the login but you decide that you want to connect later, you can do so by clicking on the gear at the top of the screen.

Connect Gear after Login

Then, click Settings.

Mitel Settings

Under Google Account, click Reconnect Account.

Reconnect Account

Either way, a web page will pop up with a Connect to Google button.  Click that button.

Approve Connection via Google

You’ll be prompted to sign in to Google.  Use your CNU e-mail address and password to do so.  You should then see a success message.

Using the Mitel Chrome Extension

There are several things that you can do with the Mitel extension.  This article will cover dialing calls, controlling calls and managing voicemails.

Dialing Calls

You can dial calls in two ways using the Mitel Chrome Extension: using the extension window to search for or type the name, or dialing from a number printed on the Internet.

Using the Extension Window

To use the extension window to dial a number that you know, click on the Mitel extension.

Mitel Extension Button

Then, enter the number in the box at the top and push enter.  You do not need to include any extra digits.

Enter Number Mitel Extension

To look up a user, enter their name in the box.  If they are on the ShoreTel system, (or, if your Google Account is linked, in your Google Contacts), they will appear. Click the phone number to call them.

Look Up User

You can view your contacts by clicking the Contacts icon within the Mitel extension.

Mitel Extension Contacts

Dial From Web Page

You can also dial most phone numbers found on web pages. Most phone numbers will have a phone icon next to them.  Click the icon to dial.

Dial from Web Page

If you don’t see an icon, select the phone number, right-click and choose Call <the selected number>.

Call From Menu

Controlling Calls

As long as you’re logged in and Chrome is running on your computer, you’ll get notifications like the one below when you receive a phone call.  The notification will include caller ID information.

Call Notification Mitel Extension

Click Answer and your phone will answer the call.  Click Send to VM and the call will be sent to voicemail.

While you’re on a call, you can click on the Mitel extension to control the call.

Mitel Extension Button

You’ll then see the call.  You can use the “add” button to conference in another caller, the “transfer” button to transfer the call or the “hold” button to put the call on hold.  

Accessing Voicemail

To access your voicemail, click on the Mitel extension.

Mitel Extension Button

Then, click on the voicemail icon.

Voicemail Button

You will see a list of voicemails.  Click on one to access it.

Access Voicemail from List

Click the Play button to play it. The voicemail will play on your phone.

Play Voicemail

You can also use the Save button to save the voicemail or the Delete button to delete it.  These will not only affect the voicemails on the client, but on your phone as well.

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