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ITS and Events have worked together to provide voice amplifiers for faculty in classrooms.

Using the Amplifier

The amplifier should be pre-paired and ready to use.  Place the speaker part of the amplifier in the part of the room where you would like it.  Then, turn it on using the power/volume knob.

Amplifier volume knob

Turn on the microphone with the switch on the top of the microphone.

Place the headset over your head with the microphone on the left and the crosspiece behind your head.  You can now speak and your voice will come through the microphone.

To turn the system off, use the switch on the microphone and the power/volume knob on the speaker.

Pairing the Microphone and Amplifier

Occasionally, the microphone and amplifier may come unpaired.  To fix this, make sure both the microphone and speaker are turned off.

Turn on the speaker with the power/volume knob and press and hold the M key until you hear "UHF is waiting for connection" and UHF flashes on the display

If you see "bt" or "line", you didn't hold the key long enough.  Press the M key until "UHF" is displayed, then press and hold until you hear "UHF is waiting for connection".

Then, turn on the microphone and press and hold the pairing button on the back of the microphone.

You'll hear "UHF is connected" from the speaker.  If this doesn't work, turn both the microphone and speaker off and try again.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079