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TurningPoint clicker questions can be directly integrated into PowerPoint presentations.  This can be done either with an existing PowerPoint presentation or with a new one.

To add clicker questions to a PowerPoint, you should use the PowerPoint Polling feature of the TurningPoint software.  You must launch PowerPoint from the TurningPoint software to create and view clicker questions in PowerPoint.

Launch the TurningPoint software and choose “PowerPoint Polling”.  

PowerPoint Polling

PowerPoint will launch with a special add-in that provides the TurningPoint functions.  On Windows, this appears as a tab in the ribbon.  On Mac OS, this appears as a floating menu.


TurningPoint Ribbon PowerPoint

Mac OS:


You can open Existing PowerPoint files and create non-interactive slides with the built-in Powerpoint tools.

To create a slide with a clicker question on it,  click “New” on the TurningPoint tab or menu. Then choose the type of question that you’d like to create.

New TurningPoint Slide

Students with the NXT or QT clickers can answer any question type.  Then, simply click on the title to enter the question.  

TurningPoint Slide Question

For multiple choice slides, click on the answer choices to enter them. You can add additional answer choices by pressing enter.

TurningPoint Slide Answer Choices

To set a correct answer, click on “Scoring Options” to the right.  You can then choose the correct answer and point value for the question. Multiple answers can be marked correct on a multiple choice question.  For short answer questions, type the correct keywords in the box separated by semicolons (;).

TurningPoint Scoring OptionsTurningPoint Correct Keywords

On multiple-choice questions, you can display the correct answer with a correct answer indicator.  To create one, choose “Correct Answer Indicator” and your preferred shape from the “Objects” menu.

TurningPoint Grading Multiple Choice

The correct answer will then be displayed after polling is completed for the question.  It will display immediately if you’re running the presentation on a Mac, or after you advance the slides once on a PC.

Once you’ve created all of the slides that you want to use, you should can save the presentation.  You can then run it on any computer with TurningPoint software.

Running Clicker-Enabled PowerPoints

To use the clickers with a PowerPoint presentation you must run PowerPoint through the TurningPoint software.

Launch the TurningPoint software and choose “PowerPoint Polling”.  

PowerPoint Polling

To show the PowerPoint on Windows, press F5, or use the regular “View Slideshow” commands.  On a Mac, click the “Start” icon on your TurningPoint toolbar.


The slideshow will then run normally, and will include your TurningPoint questions.  Advance the slides to open polling, and again to close polling.  When you’re done, you’ll be able to save the session and use it with all other TurningPoint functions.

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