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Scholar provides a method to view your class as a student would see it.  In this mode, you are actually logged in as a student and can take any actions that a student would, and anything you do can then be interacted with as an instructor when you return to instructor view.

To access student view, click the “Student View” icon.

Scholar Student View Button

You’ll be taken directly to student view.  In this student view you can do anything that a normal student can do.  You’ll know that you’re in Student View by the bar at the top of the screen.  Click Exit Preview on the top to return to the instructor mode.

Scholar Student Preview Exit

You’ll then see a popup asking what you’d like to do with the preview user.

Exit Student Preview Options

If you want to grade the items that you submitted, or return to them later, choose “Keep the preview user and all data”.  However, all data from the preview user will be retained in your course.  Therefore discussion posts will be visible and grades will count toward course statistics.  When you’re done using the preview user for the time being, choose “Delete the preview user and all data”.  That data will then be removed.

You’ll then be returned to the regular instructor view.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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