This document refers to using Smart Views on the Original View Grade Center. For a tool that provides similar functionality in an Ultra Course's Gradebook, refer to the Ultra documentation hub here

Smart Views provide greater organization over your Grade Center and provide the benefits of that organization directly on the Control Panel. If you would like a view of the Grade Center that shows only quizzes, or would like to use the Grade Center to track attendance without cluttering the view of your assignment and test grades, Smart Views is the tool to use.

To create a smart view, from the Grade Center choose the ‘Manage’ menu and select ‘Smart Views’.

Grade Center Smart Views


This opens the ‘Smart Views’ page. The page lists a number of default views. To create your own view, select the ‘Create Smart View’ button. This opens a page for doing just that.

Create Smart View


In the resulting page you must name your new view. You can also check the box to make the view a favorite. *More on that below.

Smart View Name

This page also provides a variety of options by which you can build specialized views. You can create views that display specific users, items meeting specific grade measures, categories, statuses (such as ‘needs grading’) and build even more customized queries.

Type of View Course Group


In this example, will build a ‘quizzes’ view.  Here we have selected ‘User’ and then chosen ‘All Users’ from the pull down menu associated with that choice.

Type of View by Users


Next we select our columns in the Filter Results section. You can choose all columns, or select columns based on different criteria. In our case, we are selecting individual columns on their own.

Filter Results Columns


*If you have already assigned all your given columns to categories (or will do so as they are added) you could simply select a category via these pull down menus.

Filter Results Categories

Once all your criteria are set, click on submit.

Now, my new view has been added to the list of ‘Smart Views’.


List of Grade Center Views

You can add views to suit your needs. You can not delete system default views.


To make one of these views active in the Grade Center, just click on the underlined name of the view.


Views you intend to use regularly can be more easily accessed by making them favorites. A favorite view becomes active on the control panel. You can check the boxes next to the names of those you want to make favorites and use the ‘Favorites’ contextual menu to assign that status. You can also, simply click the favorites star to turn on or off this status for a given view.

Grade Center Views Favorites


*Above, the star for quizzes has been clicked. Green stars indicate a favorite column.


Favorite views display on the control panel under the Grade Center category.

Grade Center Favorite Views

Clicking on the listed view takes you to that view of the Grade Center.

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