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The SMART Podium uses Microsoft Ink (the tools built into Microsoft Office) to interact with PowerPoint slides.  This has the advantage of allowing you to save any annotations that you make as part of the presentation.  

To annotate a presentation using the mouse, start the presentation as normal.  In the bottom-right corner, you’ll notice a toolbar with presentation tools.

SMART Presentation Tools

You can use these buttons by tapping them with the pen attached to the SMART Podium. Tap the arrows (Advance Slide Arrow) to advance the slides. The Exit Button button exits the presentation.  To get to the annotation options, click the down arrow (Options Arrow).

SMART Annotation Options

To annotate your presentation, click on the PowerPoint Ink Tools button.

PowerPoint Ink Tools

You’ll be taken to the PowerPoint Pointer Options menu. Choose Pen to write.

PowerPoint Options Menu

If you want to change the pen color, you can choose Ink Color and pick a color.

Change Pen Color

When you have the color that you want, simply draw directly on the presentation.  Your annotations will be added to the slide.  

Slide Annotations

You can also write annotations using the SMART Podium pen stylus. You can switch the stylus from Mouse Mode to Ink Mode by using the colored buttons at the top of the monitor. Ink mode allows you to annotate the full desktop, including the PowerPoint Slides.

Monitor Ink Buttons

To return the stylus to Mouse mode, select the cursor button on the top of the screen. When you exit and save the presentation, your annotations will be saved on the slides.

Saving SMART Annotations

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