Qwickly Course Tools provides several functions for working with multiple courses.  You can send e-mails, create course content and assignments, make your courses available, or post announcements in multiple courses at once.  This tool is similar to the Qwickly module formerly in the top-right corner of the previous Scholar screen.

Accessing Qwickly Course Tools

To access Qwickly Course Tools, click on the Tools link on the left side of the main Scholar page.

Tools Link

Then, click Qwickly Course Tools.

Qwickly Course Tools

Sending E-mail

To send e-mail to your course(s), click on the Send E-mail link at the left.

Select the course(s) that you'd like to e-mail on the left.

Choose whether you want to e-mail everyone, or only particular roles (student, instructor, course builder) in the class.  Unless you have multiple instructors in the course who don't need to receive the e-mail, it's usually best to leave it as Everyone.

Choose Role

Put in a subject, and type your e-mail.  

To attach files to your e-mail, click on the Computer link on the bottom.

Computer Icon

Then, click Choose File to find your file.

Choose File

Click Submit to send your e-mail.

Click Submit

Creating Assignments

You can also create an assignment across multiple courses.  To do so, select Create Assignment on the left.

Create Assignment

Select the courses that you'd like to create the assignment in on the left.

Select Courses

Give the assignment a name, and set the due date and time if you'd like one.

Title, Points and Due Date

Type instructions in the box below that.


In the next set of boxes, you can set the availability of the assignment.


You MUST select a content area for the assignment to go in by checking Select Content Area.

Select Content Area

If you want the assignment in the same area in all of your selected courses, you can choose that content area from the dropdown menu.  Otherwise, select Select Per Course.

Select Content Area

If you do click "Select Per Course," you can select the destination content area on the left.

Select Per Course

Click Submit, and the assignment will be created in the selected courses.

Select Per Course

Making Courses Available

Qwickly Course Tools availability works pretty much the same as it did in the old Qwickly tool. To use it, click Course Availability.

You will see toggles for all of your courses.  Click the relevant toggle to change the availability status of your course.

 Availability Toggles

If you have a lot of courses, you can search for a course, view only available courses, or view only unavailable courses with the boxes on the top.

Search Box

Posting Announcements

You can also post announcements in multiple courses.  To do so, choose Post Announcement.

Post Announcement

Select the courses that you'd like the announcement to appear for on the left.

Select courses

Give the assignment a title, and type the text of the announcement in the textbox.

Set Up Announcement

If the assignment should only be displayed at certain times, enter the "Display After" and "Display Until" dates.  If you want students to receive the announcement by e-mail immediately, check the Send E-mail box.  Otherwise, the announcement will be sent in a daily digest.

Display Time

Click Submit, and the announcement will be created.

Adding Items/Files to Multiple Courses

Qwickly Course Tools allows you to add content such as files, information, or links to your course.  These are added in as items in your courses.  To add in content, click on Create Content at the left.

Create Content

Select the Course(s) in which you'd like to add content.

Select Courses

Give the content a title, and enter any explanatory text.

Title and Text

You can then attach files from either your computer or your Google Drive. 

To attach from your computer, click the Computer button.

Then, click Choose File to choose a file.

Choose File

You'll then use your computer's file dialog to select a file.

To attach from your Google Drive, click the Google Drive button.

Attach from Google

You'll be asked whether you want to upload the file to Scholar, or create a link to it in your Google Drive.  Choose one and click Continue.

Upload or Link 

Then, click Drive.

Click Drive

If this is your first time using Qwickly with your Google Drive, you'll need to select one to use.

Google Accounts

You'll then be asked to confirm the permissions.  Click Allow at each step.

After you do, you'll be brought to the file selection screen.  Select a file (remember, Google Docs, Sheets, etc. cannot be uploaded), and click Select.

Google File Selector

The file will be attached.

Whichever method you use, you MUST select a content area for your content to go into.  These are the menu items at the left of your Scholar page.

Check the box next to Select Content Area.

Select Content Area

If you want the item to appear in the SAME content area in all courses that you've selected, select it from the dropdown menu that appears next to the Select Content Area label.

Content Dropdown

Otherwise, check the box that reads Select per Course.

Select Per Course

You'll then be able to select the content area for each course you've selected.

Click Submit, and the content will be added to your course(s).

Click Submit

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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