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The Qwickly add-on to Scholar allows faculty members to easily control course availability, as well as to post announcements and send e-mails to multiple courses at once.  Qwickly now appears in the top-left corner of your main dashboard in Scholar.

Qwickly Add-On Full Menu

Course Availability

You can control the availability of all of your courses through Qwickly.  Simply click the Course Availability button.

Qwickly Course Availability

Then, click on the switch next to the course that you want to make available or unavailable.

Qwickly Availability Toggles

The course availability will immediately be changed, although you won’t see the changed availability in your My Courses menu until you refresh the page.


To post an announcement to multiple classes, click on Post Announcement.

Qwickly Announcements

You’ll be taken to the Post Announcement screen.  Select the courses to which you’d like to post the announcement on the left.  Enter a subject for the announcement in the Announcement Subject field, and the message in the Announcement Message field.  If you’d like the content of the announcement to also be e-mailed to the students, check the Email Announcement box.

Qwickly Announcement Creation

When the announcement is complete, click Submit and it will be posted.

Sending E-mail

To send an e-mail to the students in multiple courses, click on the Send Email button.

Qwickly Email Option

The Send Email box will then pop up.  Select the courses that you’d like to e-mail on the left. Enter the e-mail subject and message in the proper fields on the right.

Qwickly Email Form

To get a copy of the e-mail sent to you, check the Send this Email to Myself box.  You can use the dropdown to choose whether you get the e-mail once overall, or once for each class that you send the e-mail to.

Qwickly Send Email To Self

You can also attach a file from your computer to the e-mail.  

Qwickly Email File Add

You will then be able to choose a file by clicking Browse or Choose File.


Qwickly Choose File

When you’ve got the e-mail set the way you want it, click Submit to send it.

Viewing Items Needing Grading

Qwickly allows you to see everything that is marked as “Needs Grading” in your Scholar courses.  To view the items, click on Needs Grading.

Qwickly Needs Grading

You’ll then see a list of the courses that have items marked as “Needs Grading”.

Qwickly Needs Grading List

Clicking on “Items need grading!” takes you to the Needs Grading page for the course.

Customizing Qwickly

If you don’t want certain functions of Qwickly to show, you can hide them.  To do so, click on the setup button.

Qwickly Setup Button

Uncheck any portion of Qwickly that you don’t want to see and click Submit.  You can also choose whether unavailable courses appear in your Announcement or E-mail options.

Qwickly User Settings

Once you do that, you’ll have to refresh the page. After the refresh, you won’t see the unwanted portion of Qwickly.

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