Setting Up a Conference Call

To set up a conference call, dial the first number, then press [Conference].

Mitel Phone Conference Button

The following screen will pop up.  Dial the second number and press the appropriate key:

  • To speak to the person before putting them into conference (recommended): Press |Consult|.  You can then ask the other person whether they’d like to join the conference:

    • To complete the conference call connection, press |Yes|

    • To not complete the connection and return to the first call, press |Cancel|

  • To immediately call the third person and place them into the conference: Press |Confer|.  This is not recommended, as the person you are calling will not know that they’re joining a conference call.

Conference Dialing Screen

Controlling Conference Calls

While you’re in a conference call, any CNU participants can add additional people by following the directions above.

To see who else is on the call, press |Show|

Show Conference Participants

To drop someone from the call, press |Show| to see the list of people on the call, then select their name with the arrow keys.  Press |Drop| to remove them from the call. This can be done by any CNU phone on the call.

Conference Remove Participants

The conference call will remain active as long as at least one person on the CNU phone system is on the call.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079