Google Drive allows you to share files with others, allowing them access to those files within their own Google Drive. When the file being shared was created using a native Google app such as Docs or Slides, sharing will also allow users to work on them simultaneously with other people with access to the file.

How do I share an individual document with someone else?

To share a file stored on your Google Drive, click on the file.  Then click the Share icon .

Share Window Basics


You can share your document with other people by entering their e-mail addresses in the blank. Then select the permissions that you’d like to give them for the document:

  • Can edit--can view and edit the document, by default, they can also share the document with others.
  • Can comment--can view the document and create comments, but not edit the text
  • Can view--can view but not edit the document


This location also displays a list of users who have access to the file. Here, you can change the access available to people currently given access to the file by clicking on the dropdown menu next to their name. You can also remove a person's access to the document by selecting "Remove access". 


By default, anyone with Editor access can change these sharing permissions.  If you’d like to change that, click the gear icon in the top right of the window. This will bring up an ability to both control whether an Editor can change sharing permissions, and whether Viewers and Commenters can download, print, and copy files. 

Settings IconRole Settings

You can also change who in general is allowed to access the document by changing the dropdowns in the General Access section at the bottom of the window. 

General Link Settings

These dropdowns allow you to customise who can access the file with a provided link, and what level of access they can achieve using this link. Some options include: 

  • Off - Restricted--only people that you specifically invite can access or edit the document
  • On - People at CNU with the Link--people with CNU Connect accounts can access your document, but it won’t be searchable
  • On - Anyone with the Link: anyone can access the document, but it won’t be searchable

Sharing from Within a Google Document

You can also share a document that you’re currently editing.  To do so, just click on the Share button. This will open the same windows seen when sharing a file from the outside. 

Share Button In Google Doc


How does folder sharing work?

You can share entire folders the same way that you share documents.  Either click the folder and click the “Share” button , or click the share button while in the folder.

Google Drive Folder Sharing


All subfolders and documents within the folder will be shared with the exact permissions that you give the folder.  When you create a new document in the folder, it will have the same permissions as the rest of the folder. You can change those permissions by editing individual files’ or subfolders’ permissions.

How can I edit a document with a colleague?

Google Drive allows for you to edit a document simultaneously with another person.  If you are editing at the same time, you will see the other person’s cursor and the changes that they make instantly.  The only limitation is that you aren’t able to edit the same cell of a spreadsheet as another person at the same time.  You can also chat with your co-editor by using the window on the side.

Google Docs Live Editing

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