Dialing Calls

All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial.  If you dial the number before picking up the phone, you’ll be on speakerphone. There is a brief pause before you connect.  If you don’t want to wait, you can press the |Dial| softkey to speed up the process.

As with our old phone system, the following dialing conventions apply:

  • On Campus: Dial the 5-digit extension starting with 4 (e.g. 4-7079)

  • Local Numbers: Dial 9, then the 7-digit phone number (e.g. 9-555-1234)

  • Long Distance: Dial 9, 1, then the 10-digit phone number (e.g. 9-1-800-555-1234)


Unless you pick up the handset, dialing a number, pressing the |Answer| softkey while receiving a call, or pressing the button corresponding to a line all activate the speakerphone.

To hang up the speakerphone, press the speakerphone button

Mitel Speakerphone

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call, press [Transfer], then dial the number..

Mitel Transfer Calls Button

As you start to dial, the following screen will appear:

Mitel Transfer Screen

Once you finish dialing, use the softkeys to complete the transfer:

  • To talk to the person receiving the transfer: Press |Consult| or stay on the line.  

    • If the person accepts the call, press |Yes| to complete the transfer

    • If the person does not accept the call, press |Cancel| to return to the original caller

  • To transfer immediately without talking to the recipient: Press |Transfer|.  To the person receiving the transfer, it will appear as if the person who you’re transferring is calling.

  • To transfer directly to a voicemail box: Press |More|, then |To VM|.

Placing a call on Hold

To place a call on hold, press the Hold key.

Mitel Hold Button

It will show one one of your call appearance buttons with a pause symbol and an orange flashing light.  Press that button to retrieve the call.

Mitel Hold Line Indicator

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079