CNU Connect includes the full-featured Google Calendar.  Google Calendar functions very much like any traditional desktop calendar program.

Accessing your Calendar

To access the calendar, click on the “Calendar” link in your champagne bar on the CNU Connect start page.

MyCNU Calendar Link

Viewing Events

By default, your CNU calendar is displayed in a weekly calendar view.

Weekly Calendar View


You can change the view of your calendar with the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Calendar View Menu

You can also drag your mouse over several dates on the calendar at the left to select dates to view.

Select Date

To control the calendars that you see, click on the checkbox next to the calendar.

Select Calendars

If you’d like to add a new coworker to the calendar, you can enter their e-mail address at the top of the calendar list.  If they’ve made their calendar visible, you will see it.

View Coworker Calendar


Adding Events

There are several ways to add events to your calendar. the easiest way is to click on the start time for the event, and drag your mouse to the ending time.


Alternatively, you can click on the plus sign in the top-left corner your calendar and enter the time in manually.

New Event Button

When you release your mouse, a box will pop up allowing you to name your event.  This box will also allow you to enter in certain details, such as location or guests. To enter more details than are visible on this mini-box, click on “More Options”.


New Event Details

Either way, you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter detailed event information about the event.

Detailed Event Information

On this page, you can give the event a title, set a location for the event, and add a description.  You can also invite other people to your event (covered in another article) or set up recurring events.


Further down the page, you can set when and how you’d like to be reminded of the event.


For more information about creating recurring events, see the Recurring Events in CNU Calendar article.



The CNU Calendar has a reminder system similar to major desktop calendar systems. New events default to reminding you ten minutes before the event. You can change that setting when you create the event.

Calendar Event Alerts

A desktop notification will show with the event information as long as you have Calendar open in any browser tab.  The exact nature of the notification will vary based on your operating system and browser.

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