Install the Transact eAccounts app on your device.  You can scan the QR codes below to quickly find the app.

Flip through the welcome screens, then tap the "Get Started" button.

Welcome Screen

Select "Christopher Newport University" from the list of available campuses.
Campus Selection Screen

Important Note: For security purposes, if you have not logged into eAccounts (via the website or the app) in more than 365 days, your account will automatically lock and you will receive a generic error message when trying to sign in.

If this happens, you can put in a Helpdesk ticket or contact the Captains Card Office to have your account unlocked.

Select to login with "CNU Connect", then tap the "Continue to Sign In" button, and enter your CNU Connect credentials

Login Selection Screen     Intermediate Login Screen     CNU Connect Login Screen

You may be prompted to use a biometric login to save your credentials.  You can allow this for ease of login in the future.

Biometric Login Prompt

Congratulations!  You can now view your account balances, as well as your meal plan usage.

eAccounts App Main Screen

You can tap on the gear in the upper-right corner of the app to get some additional options.

Tapping on the gear icon will bring you to the Account Management screen. 

  • You can change your PIN code (only required for select staff members)
  • Report your CNU ID card as lost (to deactivate it).  Use caution, as this takes effect immediately and requires an in-person verification to reactivate your card.
  • Setup a credit card to add funds to your account
  • Submit a new ID photo (for incoming freshman)

Account Management Screen

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079