You can take attendance in one of two ways:  manually or by student check-in. You can only use one method for a particular class period, but can choose for each session.  Click on the method you wish to use on the left.

Attendance Options

Manual Attendance

If you've chosen the List display option, the first thing that you'll see is the ability to take attendance either for the current date/time, or for one in the past

If you select "Past Time," you'll be able to set a time to take attendance for.

Past Time

You can then give your session a name if you'd like to label it.  If you're trying to take attendance for a specific section of a merged course, choose a particular section from the "Section" dropdown.

Section dropdown

Below, you'll see a list of your students, as well as their photos. Simply mark whether each student is absent or present (or any other statuses your class uses as relevant.) 

Attendance list.

You can also create comments for an individual’s attendance by clicking the comment bubble for their name at the far right, which will turn into a comment field.

When attendance is complete, click on ‘Submit Attendance’ to submit the current session. Whatever method you use, you'll get a notification that your attendance has been submitted and your Grade Center column will be updated accordingly

Student Check-in

If you don't want to have to take attendance yourself, you can have the students check in from any device with a web browser.  You cannot combine manual and student check-in attendance for the same class period.  As students can check in from anywhere, we recommend that you activate the PIN function if you intend to have students check in..

To start the check-in, click on “Check In”.

Check in

There, you can give a name to the session.  If you're taking attendance in a merged course, you need to choose a section.

Choose Section

Then, click the Start Check In button.

Start Check In

Check-in will run until you end it by clicking the ‘End Check In’ button or, if you've set a timer, until the timer runs out. If you selected the PIN option, the PIN for this session will be automatically generated on this page as well. This PIN is randomly generated for each new session; students cannot check in with a PIN from a previous session.

Check in Running

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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